White Room Game

This was my first game. It was created in Python using the Pygame and OpenGL libraries. With no engine, everything else was created from scratch. Most of the game (and server) was designed and programmed by me, with some help from friends. The menus and level editor controls are created with the GUI toolkit which I created separately to this project.

In the video you will see:

  1. 0:00 – The game begins in a lobby space with a computer terminal and two doors. There is also some text on the wall which changes each time the player returns to the lobby.
  2. 0:15 – The player seamlessly enters the first level where the tutorials begin to explain the game.
  3. 0:30 – Finding the exit, the player finds themselves back in the lobby room. Turning around the door has changed to level 2 and the player opens it to find the next level is now behind the door. The levels load seamlessly and the player will never see a loading screen.
  4. 1:00 – The player is shown the abilities they may use: a hint which shows the correct direction at any junction in the maze, barriers to block enemies paths, speed to move twice as quickly, the ability to pass through a wall, and X-ray to see the exit and enemies through walls.
  5. 3:15 – By interacting with the terminal, the user is able to select a level to replay.
  6. 3:35 – The player may play through a random player-created level from the server and then rate it upon completion.
  7. 4:00 – The level editor allows the player to create their own levels by setting up the maze, placing the entrance and exit, placing enemies and adjusting their movement speed, and also setting how many of each ability will be available in the level.
  8. 6:00 – The level can then be uploaded to the server where it will be included in the randomly loaded levels for other players to play and rate.

The enemies are designed to split up and corner the player, so the abilities are important for the player to be able to escape the level without being caught.