This page has just been redesigned, please check back throughout October to see the projects I have worked on.


Coinbase Payment Gateway


A WooCommerce payment gateway created for Coinbase Commerce.

This plugin allows customers of Coinbase Commerce to accept Bitcoin payments on their WooCommerce website.


Separation Game

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Another small 2D game created for a piece of coursework. This took about 8 hours to make while only using the Raphael library to put shapes on the screen.



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A small 2D game completed for a piece of coursework. It took about 6 hours to make while only using the Raphael library to put shapes on the screen.


Esperanto Dictionary (2014-2015)


An Esperanto dictionary app for the Ubuntu phone. This app was written as XSLT instructions used to transform 10,000+ XML data files into QML files that can then be run on the Ubuntu phone.


Bitcoin Touch (2013-2015)


A Bitcoin client for Ubuntu Touch. Originally created using the bitcoinj library for the backend and QML for the interface. The backend was later converted to Python using the pycoin library, which gave us more control and flexibility in how we managed the wallet.

It was implemented as a full SPV wallet, that connected to Bitcoin’s P2P network and synchronised from block headers.


LiveView (2012-2013)


LiveView allows you to take DSLR photos via a computer, and preview those photos on the computer screen before saving. This is useful for photography in a studio or anytime it can be useful to see a fullscreen preview on the computer while shooting.


JaGUI (2010-2013)

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A GUI toolkit for Pygame developers. Easy and simple to use library, that allows game developers to quickly add GUI components into a new or existing game project.

The project has been praised for having an easy to use API and good documentation. It also supports OpenGL.


Peglist Trainer (2009-2010)


A tool for practising certain memory techniques, in particular peglists. This was my first notable project, created while I was still learning to program in Python.